Official TFF TEAM Striper TOURNAMENT Rules

The following rules apply to all entrants of any striper tournament(s) that are sponsored, operated, or directed by the Texas Fishing Forum, here after referred to as TFF. By entering the tournament, participants release, without exception, the TFF, it’s owners, officers, sponsors, employees and affiliates, from liability for any loss, theft, or injury resulting from entering these tournaments. Contestants will also complete and sign a 'Release of Liability' form before entry is allowed.

1. These Rules apply to all entrants of TFF Striper Tournaments. Violation of any of these rules will warrant appropriate disciplinary action by the tournament director. Any protest must be received in writing (and signed) within fifteen minutes of the final weigh-in. The tournament director's decisions will be final in all matters.

2. State, federal, and local laws must be obeyed.

3. Striper tournament entry fees are $100.00 PER TEAM, unless otherwise stated by the TFF prior to tournament registration. A team consists of 1 – 4 people. All people in a team boat must be registered contestants.

4. Entrants may be given a polygraph test. Failure to take a test will result in disqualification. Contestants must provide written notice, upon tournament entry, of a failed polygraph test (in relation to a fishing tournament). Any person who has failed a polygraph test in connection with a fishing tournament, for cheating, will be subject to a review by the tournament director and the tournament board before being allowed to enter a TFF tournament.

5. Firearms are not allowed in tournament boats during tournament hours or carried during registration or weigh-in. Law enforcement officers are the only exception to this rule.

6. Alcohol and narcotics will not be allowed in the possession of contestants during tournament hours, with the exception of prescription medicine. Alcoholic beverages are permitted fifteen minutes after the check-in deadline (unless prohibited by the host marina).

7. Courtesy, safe boating, sportsmanship, and conservation must be displayed at all times by contestants.

8. A U.S. Coast Guard approved chest type PFD must be on and fastened anytime the combustion engine is running (on all people in the boat). All boats must meet U.S. Coast Guard standards. All boats must have an emergency kill-switch that must be attached to the driver during operation of the combustion engine.

9. TFF striper tournaments contestants are allowed to use any (legal) bait of their choice, including live bait. All fish must be caught in a legal and sporting manner during tournament hours from tournament waters. Contestants are responsible for insuring that the bait they are using does not violate any laws of the tournament lake.

10. Contestants may not use communication devices for the purpose of locating fish or assisting other teams. Hole-sitting by or for entrants is not allowed.

11. Pre-fishing is allowed until 6pm the night before a tournament. Boat stalls, slips, or beaching of boats is allowed on the night before a tournament, however, all boats must be inspected and flagged before release the morning of the tournament. ALL entrants must check in at the registration/launch site.

12. Scoring will be determined by the total weight of 3 fish per team (contestants may weigh striped bass, hybrid striped bass, and white bass). Combining the two cash awards and splitting the total between the tied teams will settle ties for cash prizes.

13. No fishing is allowed within 25 yards of another tournament boat without mutual consent. No fishing is allowed within 25 yards of any manmade structure of the hosting marina. No tube, bank, or wade fishing is allowed. All fishing must be from a previously inspected boat.

14. Take-off is determined by the order of receipt of entry fees. Entry fees are accepted as early registration by mail or the morning of the tournament by arrival time. The tournament staff is usually there 1 hour before the boat release (safe light).

15. Boats will take-off in numbered order, beginning at "safe light," as determined by the tournament director. Weigh-In will be staggered in flights according to the number of teams competing - intervals usually beginning at 3pm. Generally, flights are only used when there are over 50 competing boats.

16. Upon entering a TFF tournament, contestants release TFF officials and sponsors from liability of accident, loss, or theft.

17. Penalties: There will be a 1 pound penalty deducted (from the total weight of legal fish) for every fish not meeting the legal size limit (the illegal fish is not counted towards the total weight). Fish will be measured on a "Golden Rule" measuring board with the tail closed. There will be 1 pound deducted from the contestant’s total weight for every minute the contestant is late for weigh-in. The weigh-in line is closed 15 minutes after the assigned check-in time (generally 3pm).

18. The TFF and it’s tournament directors reserve the right to refuse entry to any person for any reason.

19. Contestants are responsible for knowing and understanding these rules.

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